Thursday, February 24, 2011

Powerful Money

One of the issues that lead to marital breakdown is shortage of money. That's right. Couples argue about the lack of financial means to keep the family afloat. Bills have yet to be paid due to insufficient funds, some purchases need to be postponed and meals have to be cut down to only once or twice a day. I'm not pointing fingers at any particular reason, but one thing's for sure - if I'm not careful, I'd be in the same predicament though it will not reach melting point unless I get thrown out of the company I work for.

There is a saying: "Money is not everything; money is not the most important thing in the world."

While that is true, we need to be realistic. We don't wear dried leaves as our clothing or use stones as knives anymore, do we? The days of the Flintstones are long gone. We don't pluck copper coins from money trees. We have to earn every single penny to feed ourselves, and if we have a family, or intend to do so, we need to earn even more to cater to the needs of our wife and children (and parents/parents-in-law). Money is so important that without it, getting married is impossible. It is so vital that if you lose money through mismanagement of funds - not through foolishness like gambling - you'll might lose your loved ones.

In the family institution, men are always looked upon as the "Money God" as they are responsible for ensuring that everyone has their basic needs looked into - clothes, food, shelter and education. For this reason, it is my personal belief that even if a woman earns enough salary for the family, she would still dump her other half if he's out of job or can't seem to bring in additional funds so that the family could enjoy some extra comfort and entertainment. Of course, you cannot deny that there are non-working moms who could just depend on their husbands for financial support, and they both don't mind about it as there is mutual agreement;  there are also non-working dads in the same scenario, but how many are THAT fortunate?

The reality is, the minute you mention that you're running out of cash, your other half sees a red flag. If you're married, there will be discussions on how to improve your financial standing. If you're in a relationship, chances are, the other half would just give you a final kiss if the situation remains status quo, pack up the belongings and leave you for greener pastures.

That's how powerful money is...  so, if you're in financial distress, get some help - not from loan sharks, but from a professional fund manager, or if you cannot trust them, just discuss with your partner how to get over the financial difficulty. There will definitely be sacrifices that both of you (and your children) have to make, but unless you're born into a wealthy family, you have no choice.

I don't want to run out of money, I don't want to lose my loved one, and I don't want to be insane. Now let's see... where can I get part time job at this age, huh?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Horrified with Relationships

If you've been in just one relationship, and marry that person in the end, then you're really a lucky person. In reality, this doesn't happen to many of us who have had at least two relationships prior to getting hitched for good. Some never make it despite dating numerous times, and they become singles for life.

It's tough. Being in a relationship, to me, is somewhat like walking in the jungle without a guide. The scene is fresh, the sights are beautiful, the water is pristine and the air is clean. However, you don't know if you're going into the direction that leads you out into the open. Some will be trapped forever, thus will never be able to find their way out. What's worse is that along the way, you find a person who presumably is a guide, follows you, tells you where to go but just when you start having confidence that the guide is your ultimate saviour, there's a distraction from a pretty sight, the guide bids farewell and leaves you without a trace.

That is an analogy of a relationship. You find someone you truly love, do things together, share jokes and problems, but somewhere along the romantic path, this same person finds another partner and tells you to go away. Let's be more explicit. You allow your partner to go on a trip, assuring yourself that your partner is in good hands and that things will remain status quo. In fact, there is nothing to be concerned about as both of you have been in love for months. Alas, while on the plane, your partner gets attracted to one of the passengers. When your partner returns, you find a change. There is not much communication going on, lesser fun, far lesser bedroom activities and more arguments. It makes you wonder why you let this person take that trip in the first place. Imagine seeing a text message that reads: "Hi, we need to talk when I get home." - and it is sent on another flight with another person.

Ouch!! I'm hurt. Are you?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back in Facebook

I was down in the dumps for over 24 hours two days ago, and within that period, I deactivated my Facebook account as I was so frustrated about everything, and I didn't want to share my problems with others because they could be judgemental or they could just scoff at the comments that I make.

Somehow, I also realise that when there is no place to vent that same emotional "outburst", and when there's no one around whom you could talk to, I had to reactivate the account, and I'm grateful that Facebook doesn't permanently delete users' accounts without the latter's written authorization.

In Freddy Krueger's words: "I'm baaaack!"

Monday, February 21, 2011

Time to Go Home

The past four decades have taught me just too many things from the good and bad experiences that I've had. The good experiences will be kept close to me even when I'm gone. Unfortunately, the bad experiences keep recurring, I'm unable to uphold morality, thus bringing shame to everyone who are close to me or causing stress to my loved ones - family, friends and relatives.

I would like to thank everyone, especially this particular person, for being there when I was in deep trouble. Thanks, for lending an ear without fail the past 12 months or so, and for lifting my mood when I was down. However, I've disappointed you repeatedly as a friend and I beg for forgiveness,

Thanks to all those who have read / been reading my posts without fail. It is you who have encouraged me to keep blogging till today... but now it's time to leave. Leave everything.

God bless everyone.

Just Some Garbage Stuff

I've not blogged in a long time out of sheer laziness, and plain numbness of my mental faculty. Those who follow my posts regularly will find that most of my posts have melancholic and solemn tones. Today's post is no different because I've nothing exciting to share but lots of emptiness to pour.

Everywhere I go, I observe people - the elderly smiling and spending their remaining years with friends. I see teens half-embracing and attempting to smooch in a secluded corner of a shopping mall but couldn't out of shyness. I see married couples arguing then reconciling. I see people spending like nobody's business each time there's a big sale and going home gleefully with armfuls of shopping goodies.

Don't they have anything to worry about? I guess they do, but they just discard them temporarily, or perhaps they're reached Nirvana or enlightenment, so nothing at all bothers them.

I don't know what I'm talking about here, but I do know that I'd like to go to sleep now without having to worry about what is gonna happen tomorrow (and the next), and without stressing people out.