Monday, June 29, 2015

Animals vs Humans

This video was shot in 1969, before many of us were born. Some were still in diapers. It shows how grateful animals are for taking good care of them. Despite being separated by its owners for over a year, and being more independent, Christian, the lion, vividly remembered his caretakers.

Yes, animals remember; they feel. Videos like this makes all of us wonder, if animals could be that grateful to their guardians, why can't humans? 

And yes, there is a follow-up video taken a few years later (below), showing a more matured pride who has learnt to be on his own. But he still remembered the two (then much older) who saved him from Harrods years earlier. He greeted them, played a bit, and then left them. Christian was never seen again since.

It's also a story of being able to let go when the time is "ripe". Christian did let go of his need for the two guardians because he had to be on his own.

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