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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Leave Technology, Embrace Life

I believe you may have seen this video clip before whether in social media or directly from YouTube. It is an advertisement created by a Thai technology company meant to drive a powerful message to all of us.

There are many things that technology can do, but humans are much better than that, for they created technology, from wooden wheels to rubber wheels. From computers the size of your living room to one which you're now holding in your hands.

We created technology, but we are also the ones who abuse it so much so that we and the younger generations are overly dependent on it in every aspect of our lives. We look at our smartphones as we walk on the pathway. We cross the road reading our WhatsApp messages. We snap photos of our food as soon as it arrives and instantly tell the world on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we are and who we are eating with, not realising that our mom is waiting to have a conversation right across the table. I'm guilty of all that too, and I plan to gradually put a stop before it completely takes control of my life.

We have to tell our children that the iPad, Gear, smartphones are all merely devices to facilitate our work and to entertain us for a very brief moment. These devices wouldn't have a care in the world if you go blind because of it, or if you suffer from a bad backache. They won't even know if you live or die! So why make them "look" like they're the most important part of your life? Give your children, our future generation, a real life experience that such technology can't give.